Luxury Step



Luxury Step Anti-Fatigue Matting


Luxury Step is a premium mat designed with comfort and practicality in mind.
Luxury Step’s smooth matte wear layer is puncture resistant and easy to clean, while the expanded foam sponge reduces stress on legs and joins for added comfort and performance. Its beveled edges reduce trip, slip, and fall accidents, and its moisture-resistant engineering makes it suitable for almost any environment.


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Solid Black
Solid Black

Product Specifications  

Manufacturing Process: Solid vinyl wear layer polymerically bound to soft, moisture-resistant closed-cell vinyl sponge
Surface Aspect: Smooth, non-embossed matte finish
Colors: Solid Black & Grey
Foam Cushion Density: 12 lbs/ft³
Stock Mat Sizes: 2’ x 3’ | 3’ x 5’ | 3’ x 10’ | 3’ x 12’ | 3’ x 60’ 



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