Power Grid

Power Grid Matting System

Power Grid flooring is designed for entrances that receive repetitive, heavy foot and cart traffic. A solid vinyl flooring with an open-weave design provides an aesthetically-pleasing look while offering safety and cleaning benefits at the same time. Power-Grid is the ideal system for smooth rollovers while reducing cart noise at entryways, improving overall cleanliness and withstanding heavy traffic.

Vinyl Colors: Black, Charcoal Grey, Chocolate Brown, Midnight Blue, Forest Green, Brick Red
Construction: Section material is 100% PVC
Thickness: 0.50″ (13mm), Can be surface mounted or recessed into the floor.
Installation Options: Well should be 0.50″ (13mm) deep for recessed applications.

Carpet can be created with a TacFast backing. Ask your rep for more details or email sales@porticosystems.com. Custom color available.


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