Astoria Nop


Astoria Nop


Astoria is suitable for all heavy traffic areas indoors as well as outdoors with an overhang. The heavy fiber and dense construction will prevent this mat from crushing. It’s 37 oz. construction makes it easy to handle at installation, or when being moved for cleaning as loose matting. This material is not affected by extreme climate conditions. UV stable, it can be cut into any shape without edge ravel. Astoria is a great choice for logos and plain mats.


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Product Specifications    



Manufacturing Process DIN 61151 Non-woven/needlepunched
Surface Aspect ISO 2424 Hobnail (Berber) pattern
Fiber CEE 83/623 100% Solution dyed UV Stabilized ASOTA™ polypropylene
Primary Backing ISO 2424 Premium composite rubber


Pile Height (± 0.5 mm) ISO 1765 0.125 inch
Total Height (± 7.5%) ISO 1765 0.375 inch
Pile Weight (± 7.5%) ISO 8543 37 oz/sy
Total Weight (± 7.5%) ISO 8543 64 oz/sy
Roll Size Width (± 2%) ISO 3018 6′ 7″ or 13′ 2″
Custom   Special Sizes and Logo Mats


Dimensional Stability EN 986 Pass
Electrostatic Propensity EN 1815 >2kV
Electrical Resistivity IBM / ICL Pass, for R.H. ≥ 40%
Sound Insulation ISO 140-8 ≥ 21dB
Thermal Retention ISO 11092 0.15 m K/W Pass


To Light ISO 105 B02 5
To Water ISO 105 E01 5
To Shampoo BS 1006 4 – 5
To Rubbing dry & wet ISO 105X12 Dry 4  Wet 3 – 4


Radiant Panel Test ASTM E648 / DIN 4102 Passes Federal Flamm. Standard
Pill Test ISO 6925 / ASTM D2859 Pass
Hot Metal Nut Test BS 4790/BS 5287 Pass


MR Credit 4 LEED-NC v. 3 For 1 – 2 points: $ value of all 12% recycled post-consumer
IEQ Credit 4.1 LEED-NC v. 3 For 1 point: low-emitting adhesive with a VOC of 50 g/l or less for indoor releasable carpet adhesive Releasable VOC 0 g/l
IEQ Credit 4.3 For 1 point: low-emitting flooring per CRI Green Label Plus. In compliance with CRI Green Label Plus Program
IEQ Credit 5 LEED-NC v. 3 For 1 point: semi-permanently installed entrance system at least 10′ in length and maintained on a weekly basis. This carpet is a semi-permanent installation

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